About Us

Welcome to Playdays British Nursery

Playdays Nursery aims to provide an early learning environment in which children are given the opportunity to become responsible, caring and independent learners who are active participants in their own lives and the lives of others around them. Using a unique curriculum with the Montessori method at its base, we seek to meet the needs of each individual child, enabling him or her to develop the habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that lead to a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. In addition we seek to instil good values from an early age so that they can grow up to become valuable members of society.

Choosing a nursery in Sharjah is a big decision and one that comes at a very emotional time to find best pre-school / nurseries in Sharjah / Dubai / Ajman – UAE. Being the Member of “National Day Nurseries Association” in England and Wales, United Kingdom, we are focusing on Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Here at Playdays, we understand what is important to both parents and children, and our aim is to provide the perfect childcare solution. So whatever your situation, whether you are looking to return to work, moving area or whether you just want your child to enjoy the opportunities available at the settling, then come to Playdays and see how we can help!