Play Days British Nursery

About Us

Play Days British Nursery is located in one of the prime areas of Sharjah very close to Ajman, and follows an EYFS curriculum.

The Nursery accepts children of 45 days to 4 years of age offering a program that promises a happy and safe environment where children feel both special and unique and also focuses on creating opportunities for children to learn across all areas of cognitive and physical development from an extensive variety of activities planned throughout the day.

The nursery is purposefully designed and combines a wealth of professionally trained teachers who are enthusiastic to teach and allow children to explore and discover their interests and extend their aptitude, skills and knowledge. Children at Play Days British Nursery will gain fantastic exposure in a proactive environment and receive a mindful and seamless balance between care and education.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the very best nurturing early years education and care for each child. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as a framework to encourage purposeful play and lots of hands-on activities to promote personalized learning

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a strong partnership with the Children, Parents and Nursery staff to develop abilities and skills of the whole child for a better world.

Our Management

PlayDays British Nursery derives its strengths from the rich experience of its core management, who focus on providing rich learning environments to empower children and develop their full potential.