Play Days British Nursery

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is inspired by the Jolly Phonics approach to education which encourages young children to explore, question, and discover in a stimulating environment.

What is Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is a world-leading English literacy method that teaches children how to read and write using phonics.

Phonics is the teaching of the sounds that letters make, rather than the names of letters that are taught in the alphabet, because it is the sounds that are useful for reading and writing, not the names. These sounds are taught in a systematic way, alongside all of the skills needed for being a fluent reader and writer. Jolly Phonics also teaches all of this in a fun and engaging way, through characters, stories, actions, songs and games!

Age-Appropriate Group Sorting for All Children


6-12 Months


12 - 18 Months


12 Months - 2 Years

Pre Education

2 -3 Years

Lower Foundation

3-4 Years

We Follow the British Foundation Stage Profile & Approach.

It consists of 7 areas of learning;

Communication and language development.
Physical development.
Personal, social, and emotional development.
Literacy development.
Understanding the world.
Expressive arts and design